Fridlington Farms sheep enterprise for the past 15 years has taken on the New Zealand influenced Easy Care System working closely with Innovis to improve sheep production and quality. In association with SAC discussion groups the farm is always looking for improvement and new ideologies to increase its knowledge and involvement in sheep breeding and feed planning to produce the best quality lamb that the market has to offer.

Working with Innovis the farm has taken on its breeding programme which enables production of a high quality lamb on the system we practice today. With the Primera as the farms terminal sire this enables us to produces a high performance finishing lamb which has been seen to excel in its meat characteristics.

The work done with Innovis has enabled the farm to produce its own nucleus flock of Highlander ewes to produce rams and ewe lambs for sale.
The targeted breeding objectives of Primera are:
  • To lamb unassisted
  • Fast growth and early maturity
  • Efficient conversion of grass to carcass
  • Selection for market required meat characteristics

The Primera breed is the result of the world’s largest progeny test and its main focus to date is meat quality to get the best flavour and textures that lamb has to offer.

The Maternal sire is the Highlander breed which combines fertility and high survival rates to deliver an efficient and profitable maternal ewe system.

The targeted breeding objectives are:
  • Lamb as a hogget
  • Rear two or three lambs as a 2-TH and onwards
  • Longevity
  • Efficiently wean their body weight plus
  • Remain structurally sound
  • Modest ewe weight and input requirements

The main focuses that the farm and Innovis have on the maternal sire are to increase heritability throughout the flock with an increase in the lambs’ survival rates, also to increase the muscling on the animals’ leg and rump. Reducing disease in the flock is also a major factor with parasite resistance and resilience as a huge focus and also facial eczema resistance.

Fridlington Farms objectives are to keep on working closely with Innovis and the various discussion groups that it is involved in, to strive to be one on the best producers of quality lamb in the region and to achieve a high level of animal welfare.

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