Fridlington Farms has always been into pig production, and has successfully grown into the 1000 breeding sow unit it is today sending all their progeny right through to slaughter. The pigs are reared in a state of the art indoor stress free environment with the right qualities to produce excellent pork.

The farm works closely with Hermitage and JSR which supplies the farms semen for AI treatment which is done on site.  This relationship allows Fridlington Farms to choose which breed suits our system to produce the best quality pig that the farm can offer.

The Farm uses its wheat and barley to supply its own liquid feed mill which feeds the unit. Together with products from the food industry, this enables us to achieve high efficiency with very low food miles.  The unit powered by a 500kWh solar panel ground mounted system which was installed in 2013 this enables to keep the farms carbon footprint to a minimum.

The farm has also recently put in a Bio-mass boiler to heat the unit.  This will be fuelled by wood chippings and reduce the farms carbon footprint yet again.   

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