Fridlington Farms takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.  It is our policy to continually improve our farming systems and working standards to meet our environmental, legal and social responsibilities.  We have therefore participated in numerous schemes and initiatives.

Our early commitment to the Entry Level Scheme and the Countryside Stewardship Scheme funded by Natural England has positively improved the Estates wildlife habitats.  Options adopted in these schemes include: - 6 meter buffer strips, over winter stubble and pollen & nectar mixes which provide important habitat and additional food sources for birds, insects and bees.  Rotational cutting of hedges and mowing of dykes has also improved habitats for nesting birds.

As part of our efforts to maintain and improve our environment we:
  • Plan the farms crop rotation and variety choice to minimise use of fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.
  • Umbilical slurry injection cuts our fertiliser down tenfold.
  • Maintain and enhance the structure of our soil through sustainable crop rotations and well managed operations.
  • Minimising energy use in all our operations.
  • Solar Panels
Fridlington Farms over the past few years has seen the importance of renewable energy and has invested heavily in the future of it on the farm.  All together the farm has set up a 500kWh system on the farm with options to increase this in the future.

The farm is passionate about renewable energy and can see it being a huge part of the farms structure in the not so distant future.

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