Rotation is the key to our success.  Fridlington Farms six course rotation revolves around potatoes and beet root.  It is the farms mission to provide the best field condition for every crop to maximise yield and quality potential.  We treat all land the same, whether it is on rented, contract farmed or land that we own.


Combinable Crops
Winter wheat and spring/winter barley are major break crops within our potato and beet root rotation. Modern and efficient machinery is used to drill and harvest our good quality cereals.  Presently the farm uses an 6m Great Plains CDA600 drill and a New Holland 8.90 Combine with a 30ft header to harvest the crop.  The majority of our cereals are to feed to the pig enterprise on the farm.  Fridlington Farms has enough grain storage for 5,000 tonnes.  The farm also owns a state of the art Alvan Blanch drier which is capable of drying 40t/hour.  This was installed in 2010 at High Roans Farm.

Oil Seed Rape and Linseed are also grown on the farm both drilled using the 6m Great Plains.

Potatoes continue to be the principle crop of our six year rotation. Up to date, efficient planting and harvesting systems are used to maximise crop quality and yields. The crop is grown to the specification of our customers then harvested, and graded into our farms modern storage facilities. The farm owns three main box stores and one bulk store. All together Fridlington Farms can store 8,000 tonnes of potatoes on site.  
To leave the land in good condition after harvest the farm has invested in a Grimme Varitron 270 and 220 self propelled harvesters, which will also be readily available for contract work.

The farms have also invested a lot in improving its own grading and washing facilities, which in turn will be open for contract work as well.

We provide our processing customers with a reliable and continual supply of quality potatoes.  We pride ourselves in our potato production and seek to improve productivity by ensuring that we are utilising the latest technology and agronomy to produce a consistent high yielding quality crop.

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